In regards to Darren Thompsen May 16 · People that know me know that I’m not one to go bad-mouthing or cause drama in people’s lives. My life revolves around my family, especially my babies. I’ve made mistakes and have allowed certain people into my life that I shouldn’t have and this last person is a prime example of that. I apologize in advance for having to post this but believe me, I’ve thought about it for a long time and have come to the conclusion that people should be warned. My ex-boyfriend, Darren Thompson, the Native Flute Player from Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin is not a good person. He portrays that he is by using his talent as a flute player but also uses it to lure in good people, to lie, to use, to betray, to hurt, and to manipulate, especially women. Today I went before the Court and requested an Order of Protection against him and have been granted peace. Darren and I have not been together since December, 2015 due to his infidelity but he continued to bother, harass and threaten me. He has put his hands on me and tried to choke me (twice), threatening to ruin my life, saying he will kill himself and blame me. Darren is a convicted felon in the State of Wisconsin for violent crimes and is living here in Rapid City where he intends on staying because people here don’t know him, he’s getting media attention and he thrives off that. He can’t find work or attention back at his hometown because people there know him and know of him. I have had numerous women contact me about the conversations, promises and lies that Darren is telling them, women from all over, from Canada to Arizona and locally here in Rapid City. Darren has a “secret” email account where he stores all his photos of the women he talks into sending him nudes, he has the pictures labeled by these women’s first names (I saw them myself). The Pendleton vests he wears to his “shows” are stolen vests from Prairie Edge, Darren can walk into any store and walk out with anything he wants, he is a sneaky thief that has stolen almost everything he owns. Please don’t mistake my message with “oh she’s just mad.” I’m not angry, I just want some peace in my life, I want him to leave me alone and I also want to warn people of the type of person he is. Be careful, manipulation and playing the victim are his best traits. <br> <p> M.H.H.B.


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