​Manifesto of Humanity To all humans! This message will reach humans on this planet through many different ways. Time is right to take the next step in your evolution. Time is right to change this current pernicious system. It will take decades and you will have to work hard for these goals. But it will surely happen. Pain will end. Hunger will end. Exploitation of humans, nature and resources will end. Slavery will end! The dignity of humans, creatures and nature will be restored at the end! The end of your known civilisation is near. Build your civilization anew with the following seven rules. 1) Abolish monetary system, exchange trade and the system of material worth: Humans have the choice between slavery and living in freedom. Do not give an ordinary object an imaginary value. The monetary system is designed to make all humans to slaves of evil people. Do not give power to the evil people. Get rid of slavery. You have the power in your hands. Wake up! 2) Worldwide abolition of all borders: When ordinary objects have no value, you do not need to worry about protecting them. Borders are only created to protect values from the others. The only value to protect is humanity, life itself and freedom. You don't need borders. 3) Worldwide abolition of weapons: Melt your weapons and build bridges to bring people together and not to kill people. Life is the highest good on your planet. Protect it, do not destroy life! 4) Worldwide abolition of overproduction and avoiding wastefulness: Produce only the best. Do not waste precious resources with cheap products. All humans deserve only the best products. You have smart systems to calculate the needs of humans on your planet. Use these systems to prevent overproduction. Protect your planet. You will live here forever! 5) Worldwide distribution of food, resources and commodities without expectations of compensation: Some regions of your planet are barren. Humans in these regions need your help in the form of food, water, resources and other commodities. There is enough for all humans. Bring it to them. Do not let any creature starve. 6) Worldwide distribution of knowledge and information without expectations of compensation: The only thing which increases when it is shared is knowledge and information. With knowledge and information you can create a better environment for all humans and help generate new knowledge and information. Your information can be used by another to generate new knowledge. New Knowledge from this can be used to generate inventions to help all humans. Share your knowledge without any expectations with all humans. 7) Worldwide distribution of technology, medical care and medicine without expectations of compensation: Technology must be shared. Technology makes life easier for people. Technology can be used to end slavery of work. Diseases can be cured. Help without hesitation. Send your doctors. If there is not enough medicine, share your medicine without expectations. One person whom you have healed could save the world. #PeopleOfEarth #TeamWorld #666ab731 #defango #tengri137


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